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Xavier’s Story

Journey from childhood in France to Canadian citizenship

From memorable menus as Executive Chef at The Muse Restaurant and Home Tasting Room to an unforgettable run on season two of Top Chef Canada, Chef Lacaze has been one to watch in some of our city’s most revered kitchens.  Xavier’s culinary trek to Calgary began in his hometown in the southwest of France.  There, at the age of 15, he launched his career in fine dining. Xavier crafted the basics of classical French cuisine by spending three years at a Two Michelin Star restaurant in Pujaudran, France. Xavier’s career took him around Europe and the world with stints in Switzerland, the French Riviera, the French Alps, the Caribbean, and Los Angeles. Having built his reputation and skill set worldwide Xavier earned his first Executive Chef position back in England (La Fourchette).  In 2008 Xavier moved to Calgary where he quickly established a notable reputation as Executive Chef at The Muse, Home Tasting Room, and the opening of Briggs Kitchen and Bar. He has taken part in competitions both as a competitor, notably at Gold Medal Plates and as a judge. From 2017, Xavier moved on from restaurant kitchens and cooked as a corporate chef for RATIONAL Canada. The passion and love for cooking is bringing him back to full time cooking as he now offers a wide variety of cooking classes and catering services for all food lovers in Calgary.